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Goodyear GZ-19




Introduced in 1963 and discontinued in 1978 after the Mayflower (N38A) was destroyed by a tornado, the GZ-19 design for this class resembles the U.S. Navy's L class blimp.


The interest shown by the general public in the Goodyear airships led in 1968 to a major expansion pro­gramme involving the construction of a new "Mayflower" (GZ‑19A) for Miami, a new "Columbia" (GZ‑20) for Los Angeles, and a third ship "America" (GZ‑20) for a new base near Houston, Texas.
Four American completed training for blimps when Columbia was christened in August 1963. Ray Belotti, Oxnad, Calif.; D.E.Swanson, Orange County, Fla; M.R.Johnson, St.Petersburg, Fla, and L.M.Cermak, Akron, Oh, completed 150 hrs of flight instruction including 20 hrs instrument.
The GZ‑20 type has an envelope of 202,700 cu.ft. and is powered by two 210 h.p. Continental engines.
These ships became operational during 1969 and were joined in 1972 by "Europa" (GZ‑20A), a brand new ship based at Rome as part of a new European venture.

The Goodyear post-war fleet was;
RANGER (III) Registration: N1A. First Flight: 28-5-46.
Ex-U.S.N. L-18. To Goodyear 1946. Retired, 30-5-49. Flew again, 24-5-51. Wrecked, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 26-1-58. Car stored. Rebuilt as GZ-19A type MAYFLOWER IV, 1968.
VOLUNTEER (II) Registration: N2A. First Flight: 26-9-46.
Ex-U.S.N. L-17. To Goodyear 1946. Retired, 30-10-49. Car rebuilt as GZ-19A type for COLUMBIA II 1963.
ENTERPRISE (II) Registration: N3A. First Flight: 9-10-46.
Ex-U.S.N. L-16. To Goodyear 1946. Retired, 10-12-59. Car rebuilt as GZ-20 type for COLUMBIA III 1969.
MAYFLOWER (II) Registration: N4A. First Flight: 12-5-47.
Ex-U.S.N. L-14. To Goodyear 1946. Retired, 24-11-49. Car rebuilt as GZ-19 type for MAYFLOWER III 1958-59.
PURITAN (II) Registration: N10A. First Flight: 27-3-47.
Ex-.U.S.N. K-28. To Goodyear 1946. Retired 7-4-48. Reg. transferred to AMERICA 1969.
MAYFLOWER (III) Registration: N4A. First Flight: 25-2-59
Car rebuilt as GZ-19A, 1963. Retired from fleet service, 9-68. Used for R & D work and experimental military duties, 10-68 to 10-69. First airship to fly powered by stern-mounted propeller system. Retired, 24-10-69.
COLUMBIA (II) Registration: N2A
First Flight: 23-7-63
GZ-19A type. Retired, 10-69. Ex-VOLUNTEER 11 and Navy L-17.

Capacity: 147,000 cu.ft.
Engines: 2 x 175 h.p. Continental.

Ex-RANGER III and Navy L-18. Registration: N1A. First Flight: 4-9-68.


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