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Goodyear Pony Blimp / Type A / Type AA

Although short lived, the FD was soon to be followed by three much smaller craft of 35,500 cu ft which were known as "Pony Blimps". These were described as aerial runabouts, but their high initial cost and expense of operation precluded their large‑scale adoption by private owners.
The first example was the Type A with a pusher engine built in December, 1919, the second and third being tractor engined Type AA, completed in April and June, 1920. No more of this type were built for civil use but the design attracted the interest of the military, with the result that the Army bought four Type AA in 1920‑21, numbering them OA‑1 to 4.
A blimp of the U.S. Navy is led onto the apron of an East Coast lighter-than-air station,
before taking off on a patrol flight over the Atlantic Ocean, January 1943
Four airships on the ground (USS Akron, USS Los Angeles, Goodyear RS-1, Pony Blimp)
Engine: Water cooled, 40 hp
Length: 95 ft
Capaciy: 35,000 cu.ft
Ballonet capacity: 7000 cu.ft
Useful lift: 935 lb
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