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Goldwing Aerostar

The Aerostar is a totally newly designed airplane with increased wing, canard and winglet area; a totally redesigned fuselage that is 3½ inches wider than the Goldwing ST and sports a center-mounted control stick; wide-track landing gear; and a vacuum-molded manufacturing process utilizing carbon graphite spar caps, high-density foam cores and Du Pont Kevlar in a variety of sandwich struc-tures. The wings, canard, elevators and fuselage are built in large, specially designed molds. All major components are completed in two halves, which are mated together while still in their molds.

Engine: Rotax 277.
Empty wt: 254 lbs.
Glide ratio: 16-1.
Sink rate: 350 fpm.
Max speed level: 63 mph.
Stall: 26 mph.
Vne: 70 mph.

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