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Gluhareff EMG-300


Mr. Gluhareff pioneered the use of liquid propane as a fuel for jet engines and a series of ultra-light portable one-man-helicopters, MEG-1X, MEG-2X and MEG-3X which were designed and built by his own company, Gluhareff Helicopters Corporation. All of which were powered by the G8-2 Pressure Jet Engine on the blade tip and test flown by Eugene M. Gluhareff.
In 1972 Mr. Gluhareff returned to research and design under his own company name of EMG Engineering in Gardena, California. There he continued his work on the G8-2 Pressure Jet Engines which ranged from five pounds of thrust to 700 pounds of thrust.

Mr. Gluhareff designed, built and tested his own one-man tip jet helicopter, the EMG-300 in the early 90's. Its successful test flight marked the realization of Mr. Gluhareff's lifelong dream to design what he called a "Flying Motorcycle".

The EMG-300 was his last design before his death in 1994, it had completed an initial series of test flights, but was not completely tested at the time of his death.



Engine: 2 x G8-2-20H jet engines 10kg of thrust each
Fuel: liquid propane
Fuel capacity: 70 litres
Rotor diameter: 7.3m
Fuselage length: 4.57m
Height: 2.1m
Empty weight: 109kg
Take-off weight: 208kg
Maximum speed without canopy (est.): 112km/h
Maximum speed with canopy (est.): 193km/h
Range: 280km
Endurance: 2.5hr

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