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Glenview GMP.I Flyride



The two-seat 'Humming Bird' was originally designed by William E. Hunt. It was developed in 1947 by Frontline Helicopter Corp. as the 'Flyride' and the prototype (N544A) made its first flight in January 1948. It was a streamlined all-metal monocoque helicopter with an automobile-style forward fuselage and forward-swept rotor pylon. Power was provided by a 125hp Lycoming engine. The engine is in the aircraft's nose, but instead of the five controls common to conventional aircraft, the Flyride has only two primary control units: a stick with a motorcycle grip, and a throttle. The stick, which rests on an arm between the two seats, governs all movements on the horizontal plane: an accelerator of the type used in motor vehicles controls upward and downward movement by means of a governor geared to the engine, and the pitch of the blades is regulated by the engine's output in terms of revolutions per minute.

Since the cyclic control system is replaced by a fully tilting head, the rotor has no hunting hinges or drag hinges.




Frontline Helicopter was acquired by Glenview Metal Products and the machine became the GMP-1 Flyride. Glenview Metal Products Aircraft Division includes Robert Mattox, who was formerly aircraft designer with the Pitcairn Aviation Corporation and works manager with Piasecki Helicopter Corporation. In 1954 Glenview revived the prototype helicopter designed by William E. Hunt, with Hunt himself as consulting engineer. It was upgraded with a 135hp Lycoming in 1953 and was advertised to the public as the ideal personal helicopter.

GMP.I Flyride

Number of seats: 2
Engine: Lycoming, 135hp
Rotor diameter: 9.3m / 30 ft. 6 in
Rotors: 2-blade main; 2-blade tail.
Length: 10.82m
Height: 2.62m
Weight fully loaded: 750kg / 1,655 lb
Empty weight: 522kg
Cruising speed: 144km/h
Inclined climb: 366m/min
Absolute ceiling: 3810m
Range: 448km
Typical range: 280 miles at 90 m.p.h.






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