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Glaser-Dirks DG-600


The successor to the DG-202/DG-400, the unpowered 15 m. racing class DG-600 first flew in 1987, followed by the mast mounted self- launching DG-600M in 1989.
The fuselage is based on that of the DG-400, but with a more slender tailboom. The wing has a thin section with fully span flaperons. Approach control is by the top surface double panel Schemmpp-Hirth type airbrakes. There is also a fin ballast tank which carries 7 kg / 15.4 lb of water.

The 600 came with four different wingtip configurations- conventional 15 m, 15 m with winglets, conventional 17 m. and swept back 18 m.

The DG-600/18 and DG-600/18M named Evolution have gross weight of 480 kg/ 1,058 lb and 440 kg/ 970 lb respectively. In the 600M, main ballast is reduced to 120 kg/ 265 lb.

DG-600 17M
Wing span: 17m / 55.7ft
Wing area: 11.59sq.m / 124.75sq.ft
Empty Weight: 255kg / 562lb
Payload: 270kg /595lb.
Gross Weight: 525kg / 1157lb
Wing Load: 45.3kg/sq.m / 9.27lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 180kg / 397lb
MinSink: 0.50 m/s / 1.64 fps / 0.97 kt
L/DMax: 46 83 kph/ 45 kt/ 52 mph
Aspect ratio: 24.9
Airfoil: HQ-37 on tips
Seats: 1
Structure: CFRP/ aramid



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