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Glaser-Dirks Flugzeugbau GmbH
DG Flugzeugbau

Gerhard Glaser, owner of a civil engineering business, and Diplom Ingenieur Wilhelm Dirks, founded the Glaser-Dirks Flugzeugbau GmbH company. In 1972, they built their first glider, the DG-100. Glaser-Dirks produced 105 DG-100 and another 222 units have been produced later at the Elan factory. In 1977 the 15-meter class sailplane DG-200 entered the market. In 1978 the DG-200 was updated with 17-meter wingtip extensions. The DG-200/17 is one of the most sought-after gliders on the secondhand market. By 1980 Glaser-Dirks pushed into carbon fiber construction with the DG-200/17C motorglider. The DG-400 followed the next year and quickly became one of the best-selling motorgliders of all time. In 1983, version DG-300 Club Elan was designed to replace the DG-100 in the production line, and the fully aerobatic version DG-300 Elan Acro contributed to its popularity. The DG-300 is still in production; up until today 484 DG-300s have been delivered. In 1987 the two-seat DG-500 made its first flight, and the motorized DG-500M followed only 4 weeks later. Next came the 15m class sailplane DG-600. In 1989 a motorized self-launching version, the DG-600M followed. The latest product family is the DG-800, which was optimized for 18m span with wing flaps and equipped with modern wing sections designed by L.M. Boermans from the TU Delft. In May 1993, the self-launching version DG-800A and the pure sailplane DG-800S made their maiden flights.

In 2003 Glaser-Dirks Flugzeubau changed their name to DG Flugzeubau GmbH.

March 96 brought news of the company's crash. Wolff and Glaser sold the remaining company capital, in a completely empty and deserted production hall. Gerhard Wolff joined the company as a partner.

Rolladen-Schneider has had to go into receivership, and DG Flugzeugbau did not take over the liabilities in 2003, but only the rights to build the gliders and use the brand name.


The Wolfgang Dallach Company collapsed and on 1 August 2008 DG Aircraft GmbH took over support of the Dallach "Fascination", "Evolution", "Sunwheel" and all derivatives.

Wolfgang Dallach was working for DG Aircraft as a freelancer since 2006.



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