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Gin Boomerang


Gin Boomerang III

A competition machine, the third version of Gin Seok's Boomerang, the Boomerang III is announced in 2005 with a better climb rate than the previous Boomerang (II), safer, easier to fly and more stable at maximum speed.

Development concentrated on a new profile, with 2 years of studies and tests of profiles in the Korean Air Force Academy wind tunnel. The leading edge inlets, are more refined, and a different internal structure was developed for the glider, made with fine adjustments of the panels, tapes, internal ribs, main ribs, diagonal ribs and reinforcements. The prototypes were tested by the factory pilots (Louise Crandal and Jimmy Pacher, among others) during the Europeans and World Cup Tour 2002.

Boomerang III
Pilot wt: 75-95 kg.

Boomerang Sport

Designed for cross country and competition, the Boomerang Sport DHV2-3 glider in the Gin's range is based on the Boom 4; it has an aspect ratio of 6,2 and a big arc with square tips. The Boomerang Sport incorporates Gin's patented Rigifoil System in the leading edge, and a unique acceleration system called Kick-Down System that offers the pilot increased feedback through the speed bar pressure. At 50% acceleration there is marked increase in pressure to alert the pilot of his position along the polar curve, helping the pilot to be more aware of the incidence of the wing and therefore glide performance. The Boomerang Sport offers easy inflation, and precise feedback creating a comfortable, safe and stable feeling. The Boomerang Sport is constructed using Porcher fabrics and Liros lines. It was available in 4 sizes and 4 color schemes.



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