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SupaPup Mk.2


The pedigree of the SUPAPUP goes back to the early eighties when they were being individually hand built in Hahndorf, South Australia. The production gradually built up through Mk.1, Mk.2, and Mk.3 versions. Around 1987, production ceased and the former company disbanded due to having to invest prohibitive amounts of money to comply with stringent Australian aviation rules. Around forty deposit paid orders were refunded.  The new company redesigned the concept to incorporate some very saleable features including the Fast Fold  wing feature and invested the money necessary to bring the SUPAPUP to full maturity as a production plane made using jigs, and then designed the Aeropup in kit form.

The Australian designed and built Supa Pup 2 is a conventional looking strut braced high wing tail dragger built of aircraft grade materials, chrom moly tube fuselage along with aircraft construction methods. The design criteria of the Supa 2 is to cater for the increased demand and reduce the man hour/cost production, the result is a more streamlined comfortable and efficient aircraft with better flight characteristics that still retains all the excellent qualities of the original Supa Pup. Rotax 447 engine is an option.


SupaPup Mk.4

Offered the Supa Pup 4 single-seat cabin lightplane in assembled or kit forms (first flown 1994). The Supa Pup 4 features folding wings.


Supapup Mk.IV




Engine: 2-cyl horiz opp 4-stroke        
Wingspan: 8.33m
Length: 5.56m                
Weight:     136 kg
Fuel capacity: 36 ltr                
Econ cruise speed: 56 kts
Stall: 28kts                
Cabin width: 24 in
Cabin height: 37 in

Engine options: Jabiru 1600, 54hp, Rotax 503, Rotax 582
Length: 5.7m                
Wing span: 7.925m
Wing area: 9.5 sq.m                
Chord: 1.225m
Dihedral: 2 degs                
Empty wt: 180-200kg
Max t/o wt: 340kg                
Fuel cap: 54 lt
Vne: 130 kts                
Cruise: 95 kts
Stall: 35 kts                
Cabin width: 24 in
Cabin height: 37 in                 
Seats: 1


Supapup Mk.IV
Engine: Jabiru 2.2
Cruise: 90 kt
ROC: 1000-1100 fpm
Seats: 1





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