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General Aircraft GAL-42 Cygnet / Owlet


Cygnet II

CW Aircraft was established in 1936 by C R. Chronander and J. I. Waddington to design and develop Cygnet two-seat all-metal cabin monoplane, which first flew in 1937. Rights in Cygnet acquired by General Aircraft Ltd. in 1938.

This 1936 side-by-side two seat training and club aircraft was an attempt at a more robust and easily made machine than those of longeron, plywood and fabric construction. It was the first British light aeroplane to have both metal skinned wings and fuselage. The first version had a single fin and rudder and a tailwheel landing gear. The later Cygnets had twin- fins and a tricycle landing gear making it easier to fly.

There was also an experimental open-cockpit version, the Owlet.


General Aircraft GAL-42 Cygnet 2 a

Engine:  One 150 h.p. Blackburn Major II.
Length: 23.25 ft. (7.08 m.).
Wing span: 34.5 ft. (10.5 m).
Weight empty: 1,475 lb. (670 kg.).
Seats: 2.
Max cruise: 115 m.p.h. (185 km.p.h.).
Ceiling: 14,000 ft. (4,300 m.) fully loaded.
Range: 445 miles (720 km.)



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