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Gee Bee / Granville Bros

Based at Springfield, Massachusetts, Granville became known for the 1930-1933 series of Gee Bee racers, first of which came second in the 1930 All-America Air Derby round the U.S.A. In September 1932 Gee Bee R-1 Super Sportster set new world landplane speed record of 294.417mph (473.820kmh).

Liquidated fall of 1933

After liquidation the workforce built the QED for the 1934 England to Australia race, and the ‘Time Flies’ a racer for Frank Hawks.

Company succeeded by Granville, Miller, and de Lackner in 1934. Built Granville R6H Cyclone-engined monoplane for England-Australia race, but aircraft only reached Bucharest.


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