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Gazda Helicospeeder


The Gazda Helicospeeder was designed and developed in 1943, 1944, and 1945. It was a single motor and torque aircraft with unique concepts which had the following features:
A swing tail for forward flight was designed to permit flight as a gyrodyne (V. Isaoco, J. Bennett) at higher than manual helicopter speeds with the rotor axis vertical.
To control blade inplane motion to prevent ground resonance a rotor azimuthal blade positioning system was included.
A wheel/stick installation was used so that positioning of the aircraft was achieved by one appropriate motion of the pilot control.
An internal swash plate below the main rotor gearbox actuated push rods going up to the rotor head which controlled blade collective and cyclic pitch as a low drag solution.

Belt drives were used between its engine, the cooling fan, and the main rotor gearbox. A drive shaft from the gearbox to the swinging tail rotor was also included with a torseinal damper as part of this shaft.

Two assistants for detail designs were hired from previously known engineers who had attended RISC - Mr. S. Fitzpatrick in 1944 who was later replaced by Mr. H. Sadler in 1945.

Engine: 1 x Gazda, 130hp
Rotor diameter: 7.62m
Length: 5.79m
Height: 2.54m
Gross weight: 544kg
Cruising speed: 224km/h


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