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Mr. Antoine Gazda was an Austrian count who had been previously a race car driver (his wife was his mechanic who could change a tire in 11 seconds by count!), a World War I ace, and Chief of Sales for the Swiss Oerlikon Machine Tool Company. He sold their 22mm Oerlikon to the Germans, the Japanese, the Italians, the English, and the Americans. He helped setup production in the Pontiac Division of General Motors and the Oerlikon-Gazda Corporation in Rhode Island during World War II. I had engineered two fuel tank gliders for Mr. Gazda to be towed behind bombers to extend their range while a senior student at RISC. He had earlier witnessed the Pescara helicopter (Coastal-biplane blades) in its flight when in hovering it turned over striking the top of the mast first on the ground. Also he knew about the Asboth helicopter development from a European association with the Company.


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