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Gates Lear 56

Learjet’s Longhorn series combines a revolutionary wing design, two of the most advanced engines introduced to the market, and 51,000-foot performance. The line of five aircraft has been designated the Learjet 28 and Learjet 29, both powered by General Electric turbojets, and the Learjet 54/55/56, and those three are powered by twin Garrett AiResearch fanjets. All the models are designed with a larger wing incorporating near-vertical winglets that have replaced the traditional Learjet tiptanks. The wing’s increased aspect ratio and super-critical winglets provide substantial aerodynamic improvements that in turn produce greater fuel efficiency and improved flight performance at high and low altitudes. The wing also has been responsible for significantly improved short-field performance. The balanced field length is 3,520 feet for the 54/55/56 series.

Engines two 3,650-lb. s.t. Garrett AiResearch fanjets.
Gross wt. 20,000 lb
Empty wt. 10,257 lb
Fuel capacity 1,194 USG.
Top speed 550 mph.
Stall 100 mph.
Initial climb rate 4,700 fpm.
Ceiling 51,000 ft.
Range 3, nm.
Balanced field length 4,160 ft.
Seats 12

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