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Gates Lear 45
Bombardier Learjet 45



Assembled in Wichita, the 45 is the first clean-sheet design Learjet from Bombardier. It features components built at Bombardier’s de Havilland, Shorts, and Canadair factories.

Despite the full FAA certification, at the time of announcement certification of the aircraft’s trust reversers and APU were not achieved. Both were installed, but not usable, on the first 24 aircraft delivered. This was anticipated in 1998, at which time the company was to activate the units for its customers.

Changes in the announced performance included slightly faster cruise (M0.81) but field lengths were slightly longer than forecast. The payload remained unchanged due to an increase in gross weight.

The Lear 45 is Bombardier’s medium size jet market contender, with the first deliveries starting in 1998. As its number designator implies, the Learjet 45 is larger than the model 31, and smaller than the Learjet 60. The flightdeck has been all glass since day one. FADEC-equipped Allied Signal engines make this later version easier to maintain and more fuel efficient than all previous models. 


Bombardier Learjet 45XR C-GJCY


Bombardier Learjet 45 XR
Engine: 2 Honeywell TFE731-20-AR turbofans x 15264 N / 1556 kp / 3,500-lb
Length: 57.612 ft / 17.56 m
Height: 14.14 ft / 4.31 m
Cabin height: 4.921 ft / 1.5 m
Cabin width: 5.118 ft / 1.56 m
Cabin length: 19.751 ft / 6.02 m
Wingspan: 47.769 ft / 14.56 m
Max take off weight: 21503.2 lb / 9752.0 kg
Empty wt: 13,888 lb
Cruising speed (mach): 0.81 mach
Max cruise: 464 kts.
Long range cruise: 430 kt
Range: 2098 nm / 3885 km
Crew: 2
Passengers: 9
Ceiling: 51,000 ft.
Takeoff distance (50ft) 5,250ft
Landing distance 2,660 ft



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