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Aerospatiale SN.600 / SN.601 Corvette



In 1967, Nord Aviation began design studies for a business jet designated the Nord 400. Sud-Aviation was also working on a business jet and in 1968 they joined the projects. The co-operation resulted in the SN-600 of 1969, a low wing business jet with two Larzac engines in rear fuselage pods.

With the 1970 nationalisation of Sud-Aviation, Nord Aviation and the missile manufacturing company, SEREB, the SN-600 became an Aerospatiale project.

The first prototype SN-600, F-WRSN c/ 01, first flew on 16 July 1970 and completed more than 270 flying hours before being lost in a crash in 1971. Two Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turbojets powered this aircraft. As a result of the test program the aircraft was redesigned.

The production version of the SN-600, the SN-601, had a stretched fuselage, a taller fin and more powerful Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4 turbofans. The first SN-601, F-WUAS c/n 1, made its maiden flight on 20 December 1972. In September 1974 the Corvette Model SN 601 was approved by the FAA.

The SN-601 Corvette entered production at St.Nazaire in 1973 and deliveries began in September 1974. When production ended in 1977, only 40 were built.

The Corvette has no leading edge flaps or slats. The flight control system has no hy-draulics; it is completely manual, using rods and cables. The engines have no thrust reversers. The basic engineering extends to the wing design, which is derived from a DC-9 -type airfoil. It contains no supercritical technology, yet lateral control is enhanced by wing spoilers, which operate in conjunction with the ailerons, manually.

Crucial systems, such a fuel, electrical trim, flap, speed brake, landing gear and brakes each have adequate backups.

Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turbojets, 9.81kN

Engines: 2 x P&WAC JT15D-4, 2,500 lbs thrust    
Length: 45 ft 4 in        
Height: 13 ft 10 in
Wingspan: 45 ft 2 in        
Aspect ratio: 7.45
Wing area: 237 sq.ft           
Wing loading: 61.9 lb/sq.ft
Passenger seats: 8-14            
Operating weight: 9,150 lb
Useful load: 5,400 lb            
Payload with full fuel: 1,296 lb
Takeoff weight: 14,550 lb        
Zero fuel weight:     12,345 lb
Power loading: 2.91 lb/lb        
Cabin pressure differential: 8.7 psi
Fuel capacity: 620 gals/14,154 lb     
Cabin altitude @ 41,000 ft: 8,000 ft
Baggage volume: 38.1 cu.ft        
Balanced field length: 4,700 ft
Initial rate of climb: 3,050 fpm        
Maximum operating altitude: 41,000 ft
SE service ceiling: 21,000 ft        
Max op Mach no (w/out tip tanks): 0.77
Max op Mach no (with tip tanks): 0.7
Max cruise (@ 33,000 ft/12,000 lb): 406 kts
Long-range cruise (@ 41,000 ft/12,000 lb): 320 kts
Maximum range (45-minute reserve): 1,330nm
Maximum landing weight: 12,550 lb
Approach airspeed (@ 12,550 lbs.): 111 kts
Landing distance (50-ft. obst/ 12,550 lb): 2,638 ft
Stall (12,550 lb landing config): 91 kts
Crew: 2
Passengers: 14




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