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Gatard AG02 Stratoplan Poussin


M. Albert Gatard’s Poussin (chick) has excellent aerobatic qualities with 20 seconds of inverted flying possible. Several are under construction around the world, including one in Zaire. The control system uses a unique, variable incidence lifting tailplane of large area. The pilot lowers full-span slotted aileron/flaps and adjusts the tailplane to maintain pitching equilibrium. Aircraft is single-seat wooden low-winger, fixed gear.
Development continued into the 1970s.

Engine modified 24 hp VW, 1200cc.
Gross weight 617 lbs.
Empty weight 375 lbs.
Wingspan 21 ft.
Length 14 ft 10.5 in.
Wing area: 66 sq.ft.
Cruise speed 89 mph.
Climb rate 435 fpm.



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