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Frankfort Cinema II / Cinema B / TG-1


Designed by Stanley Corcoran, the two-place tandem Cinema II was developed in 1940 from the single-place Cinema I. The Cinema has wood/fabric wings and tail, steel-tube/fabric fuselage, and I-strut braced wings. Original versions had small, all-moving tails but the military TG-1A’s had conventional tails. The few civilian models, also known as Cinema B’s, became TG-1B’s, C’s, or D’s, largely dependent on when they were acquired.

Sixty-two were built.

One TG-1A was donated to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. The Vintage Sailplane Association has copies of the military manuals, drawings of the military paint scheme and colour chips available.

Cinema II
Wing span: 14.1m / 46.27ft
Wing area: 18.05sq.m / 194.3sq.ft
Empty Weight: 227kg / 500lb
Payload: 190kg / 420lb
Gross Weight: 417kg / 920lb
Wing Load: 23.1kg/sq.m / 4.7lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 0
Airfoil: Go 549
Aspect ratio: 10.7
L/DMax: 20
MinSink: 0.97 m/s / 3.2 fps / 1.90 kt
Seats: 2



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