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Fokker M.V / E.I



In May 1914 Fokker produced a light, manoeuvrable aeroplane, the M.5. It was designed by Kreutzer and based on a French Morane-Saulnier type H which Fokker had bought second-hand.

The Eindecker (monoplane) was a version of the M.5k general-purpose aeroplane fitted with a forward-firing machine-gun and interrupter gear to prevent bullets from hitting propeller blade(s). The inspiration for this otherwise combat aeroplane was Roland Garros’s Morane-Saulnier Type L, which came down behind the German lines on 19 April 1915 and was then found to be fitted with a gun and steel deflector plates. The Eindecker entered production as the E I with the 60-kW (80-hp) Oberursel U.0 rotary, and was the world’s first true fighter.

M.5K/MG. The -K- means Kurz = (short wing) and MG means Maschinengewehr (machine gun).

E.I (the later designatio-n the M. 5K/MG). E.I means Eindecker (monoplane) number one. The M.5K/MG, or E.I had an 80 hp. Oberursel engine and was armed with an LMG 08 machine gun. Span 8.95m, the length 6.75m, height 2.88m. Maximum speed 130 kph.

M.5L  -L- means Lang = (long wing).


Some of the first E.Is were issed in ones and twos to various frontline units and flown by experienced pilots. The first to score in an Eindekker was Lt. Kurt Wintgens. His first confirm victim was a Voison downed on 15 July 1915.
Two other early recipients were Max Immelman and Oswald Boelcke of Feldflieger Abteilung 67. On August 1st, 1915 Lieutenant Max Immelmann achieved his first air combat victory flying a Fokker M.5K/MG, and was followed 18 days later by Boelcke. At the end of October Immelmann and Boelcke gained their fifth and sixth vic­tories respectively.


The E I was soon superseded by the generally similar E II.

Number Built: 54
Engine: Oberursel U.0 rotary, 60-kW (80-hp)
Wing Span: 8.95 m
Length: 6.75 m
Height: 9 ft 1¾ in / 2.4 m
Empty Weight: / 358 kg
Gross Weight: 563 kg
Max Speed: 130 km/h
Ceiling: 3,000 m
Endurance: 1½ hours
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 Spandau machine gun, 7.92 mm








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