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FMA I.A.54 Carancho



In October 1963 the Argentine state aircraft factory DINFIA began construction of the prototype IA 54 two-seat research sailplane intended to test a new 19m (62ft 3.5in) span wing; the fuselage was based on that of a Schleicher Condor 4 and the all-wood wing, of 18% thickness/chord ratio, had down-turned wing tips, Frise ailerons, unslotted flaps and - inboard of the flaps - metal trailing edge air brakes.

Wingspan; 19.00 m / 62 ft 4 in
Length; 8.00 m / 26 ft 3 in
Wing area; 29.00 sq.m / 312.15 sq ft
Max take-off weight; 548 kg / 1208 lb
Max. speed; 240 km/h / 149 mph
Crew; 2


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