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Flying Microlight Javelin


The Javelin features a dacron covered, single surface, strut braced high wing. Like its predecessor, the Mustang, the Javelin pilot sits below the mainplane in an openframe cockpit. The rugged tail dragger undercarriage features steel spring main gears and tailwheel which assists with those flights off unprepared strips. The machine can be assembled and broken down for trailering or storage in about 10 minutes. The airframe is coated in baked enamel for a very fine finish.

Engine: Rotax 277.
Prop: 127cm.
Wingspan: 8.5m
Wingarea: 12.8sqm.
Length: 5m.
Weight: 91 kgs.
Fuel capacity: 9 ltr.
Cruise speed: 50 kts.
Stall: l7 kts.

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