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Flettner Fl 184

In December 1934 talks were held by the development group of the RLM (LC II) in the presence of State Secretary Milch which were to lead to important decisions concerning future air armaments.

The following is noted in the minutes under Section 4 "Rotary Wing Aircraft": "The development of rotary wing aircraft is to receive preferential treatment. Consequently all work now under way is to be accelerated, as these aircraft will presumably be of significance for land and sea use in the future."

In the LC II.1’s general working plan (Dec. 1935) "rotary wing aircraft" appeared under the heading: "Sport, basic training, advanced training and special aircraft" (Report II/1a). The following types are listed: Fi 184, Fw 61, Focke Wulf project (the later Fw 186) and LC 30 Focke-Wulf license.

In January 1935 Flettner received a development contract from the RLM for an "experimental autogiro" (autogiro with three-blade rotor). Three so-called "SV-Types" were planned. Inspection of the mockup took place in June 1935. Only one prototype, the Fl 184 V1 D-EDVE was built. The aircraft was destroyed as a result of pilot error in the course of its maiden flight in December 1936. The Fl 184's external shape still exhibited a certain similarity to the C 30 autogiro being built under license by Focke-Wulf at that time. Power was provided by an Sh 14 engine driving a conventional propeller.


The Fl 185 project was financed with the insurance sum received from the destroyed Fl 184 V1 and a grant of approximately RM 50,000 from the RLM.


Fl 184
Engine: 1 x Siemens-Halske 14, 140hp
Rotor diameter: 12m
Seats: 2




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