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Flettner Helicopter / Gigant



Flettner began work on his first experimental helicopter in 1930. Arranged over a relatively small fuselage was a twin-blade rotor of 30.5 meters diameter; the blades were supported by bracing wires extending from a bracing tower above the rotor axis which rotated with the rotor. A 30hp Anzani engine driving a puller propeller was mounted rather far outboard on each blade. As a result of this direct drive of the rotor blades there was no torque moment to compensate for. Fuel was drawn from a tubular tank mounted fore or aft of the engine.

The prototype, of wood and plywood construction, was built by "Segelflugzeugbau Edmund Schneider" of Grunau in 1934. A gust of wind destroyed this prototype while in tethered flight.

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