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Flaglor Scooter
Ace Aircraft Ace Scooter

An ultra-light sporting single-seat high-wing monoplane designed by K. Flaglor of Asheville, North Carolina. The Scooter was originally powered by a Cushman golf cart engine, which was ultimately replaced by a 1,500-cc VW engine rated at 40 hp. At the 1967 EAA meet this high-wing, enclosed-cabin taildragger received both the “Outstanding Ultralight” and “Out-standing Volkswagen Powered” awards. Construction is of wood with a plywood covering, except for the aft section of the fuselage which is fabric covered. The VW engine is mounted over the cabin and turns a two-blade propeller.
The Sky Scooter features all wood construction, generous wing area for STOL like performance. Easy to build and maintain.



The Scooter was later marketed by Rotor Wings & Flying Machines.
The plans for the Ace Aircraft Ace Scooter development of the Flaglor Scooter consisted of one sheet 17in x 22in, nine sheets 22in x 34in, and an illustrated construction manual containing 14 photographs used to show key assemblies and construction details. The Airfoil is drawn full size as are most of the fittings.
The Scooter is constructed primarily of marine spruce and plywood. Aircraft quality materials maybe used and are recommended for the spars. All fittings are designed for simple fabrication and are made of 4130 steel as is the motor mount tubing. The metal fairing and wing leading edge can be made of “hardware store variety” aluminium which was the case on the prototype.
The fuselage is composed of spruce longerons with plywood gussets aft and plywood sides in the cockpit area.
Ace Aircraft Ace Scooter
The landing gear is made of steel. All wing ribs are contour sawed 1/4in marine plywood, the main spars spruce as are the false and aileron spars. The wing uses a wood cross hatching in the form of an X between the ribs and spars, resulting in no need for drag or anti-drag wires or fittings.
Plywood wing tips and wood trailing edges complete the structure. Only the wing leading edge is aluminium.


Engine: VW, 25 hp.

HP range: 25-40.
Height: 7 ft.
Length: 15 ft.
Wing span: 28 ft.
Wing area: 115 sq.ft.
Fuel cap: 5 USG.
Weight empty: 390 lbs.
Gross: 625 lbs.
Speed max: 95 mph.
Cruise: 65 mph.
Range: 180 sm.
Stall: 34 mph.
ROC: 325 fpm.
Take-off dist: 250 ft.
Landing dist: 350 ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

Engine 40-hp 1500cc Volkswagen.
Gross Wt. 650 lb.
Empty Wt. 390 lb.
Fuel capaci-ty 5 USG.
Wingspan 28 ft
Length 15 ft 8 in
Wing area: 115 sq.ft.
Top speed 90 mph.
Cruise speed 80 mph.
Stall speed 34 mph.
Climb rate 600 fpm.
Takeoff run 250 ft.
Landing roll 250 ft.
Range 175 nm
Seats: 1

Engine: VW 1600 60hp
Span: 27'10"
Length: 15'6"
Wing Area: 115 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 390 lbs
Useful Load: 235 lbs
Stall: 40 mph
Landing Speed: 60 mph
Cruise: 100 mph
Rate of Climb: 1000 fpm
Take Off Distance: 350 ft
Seats: 1
Ace Aircraft Ace Scooter
Engine: VW 1500
Span: 28 ft 0 in
Wing area: 115 sq.ft
Length: 15 ft 8 in
Height: 7 ft 0 in
MTOW: 625 lb
Empty weight: 390 lb
Fuel: 7 USG
Top speed: 88 mph
Cruise speed: 75 mph
Stall: 34 mph
SL climb: 600 fpm
Ceiling: 12,000 ft
Range: 175 mi
Take-off roll: 250 ft
Landing roll: 350 ft




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