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Fishercraft Zippy Sport

Ed Fisher first designed the Zippy Sport, which was officially introduced 1983 as a participant in the Dupont/Western Flyer design contest, and was marketed through Fishercraft.
It is not the design prototype, but rather, the "proof of  plans" aircraft. This "Sport Plane" was identified as an ARV, (Air Recreational Vehicle). At that time, designer, Ed Fisher flew the Zippy with a Cuyuna 430 dual carb engine, and a Winters 2:1 planetary gearbox.  Top speed was about 110 mp.
Flying behind a 30-hp 430 RR Cuyuna, has a top speed of 115 mph. Designer Ed Fisher specializes in fast planes, many of them racers. Zippy Sport was de-signed as a lightweight, folding-wing, trailerable, low-power aircraft with a ULF of +4.4 -3.1 G’s. Airfoil is the NAQR 4412 curve, with good stall characteristics and cruise. Wing is built up of ¾” by 61/2” solid spruce main spar and a 2” by 1” rear spar, ribs of sawn plywood or aluminum, leading edge aluminum sheet. Landing gear is of ½” by 5 ½ ,” aluminum spring tapering to 2” at the axle end. Go-Kart wheels and brakes are used. Ailerons and elevator are actuated by conventional push/pull tubes, linked to a central joystick, Rudder is worked by rudder bar connected with 3/32” cables.



Over the next couple of years  a full VW 1200 driving from the heavy end was fitted. Through, much of 1986, the aircraft was VW powered, while "debugging" flights took place.
Green Sky Adventures had been interested in the Zippy's development from the early stages. By 1986, the Rotax Service Center was in serious need of a test platform with a broad speed range to explore the effects of variable loads on small engines in general, and Rotax 2-strokes, in particular.  A deal was struck with Ed Fisher, and by late fall of that year, Green Sky Adventures were flying a Rotax 503 powered Zippy Sport, enjoying it's handling and speeds to 120 mph.
Green Sky Adventures bought the "proof of plans" prototype Zippy Sport from Ed in 1986.
The Zippy was flown to Oshkosh from NE Ohio in 1987. That year, the design prototype, N81ZS was trailered to Oshkosh by Ed, and the two aircraft were parked together on the homebuilt flightline.
Through 1987 and  some of 1988, hours were accumulated, and the aircraft was particularly useful  for oil test runs, and propeller performance evaluations. During this period, another deal was struck with Ed, and the Zippy Sport design rights were acquired by Green Sky Adventures, selling a plans set at US$135.
A stub axle failure in 1988 resulted in some substantial damage, taking the aircraft off  line till early 1991, when it was relicensed with a new 43 HP Rotax 508 two cylinder 4-stroke engine.
In subsequent years, Zippy Sport N83ZS has flown with 4 other Rotax engines, and countless propellers. It has been back to Oshkosh several times.
The HKS 700-E is the 9 th engine for the test bed. The Zippy continues to function in it's roll as test bed with the addition of the Green Sky Adventures, Inc HACman mixture control for the HKS 700-E and Rotax 912 series 4 strokes.

Engine 30-hp Cuyuna 430 MR
Reduction unit Ultralight Technology 2:1 planetary drive
Prop 54/36
Gross Wt: 610 lb
Empty Wt. 340 lb
Fuel capacity 5.5 USG.
Wingspan 26 ft
Length 17 ft l0 in
Top 115 mph.
Cruise 95 mph.
Stall 35 mph
Climb rate 750 fpm
Takeoff run 360 ft
Landing roll 650 ft

Engine: Rotax 503, 52 hp.
HP range: 30-60.
Height: 5 ft.
Length: 17.83 ft.
Wing span: 26.33 ft.
Wing area: 100 sq.ft.
Fuel cap: 11 USG.
Weight empty: 421 lbs.
Gross: 680 lbs.
Speed max: 120 mph.
Cruise: 100 mph.
Range: 300 sm.
Stall: 40 mph.
ROC: 700 fpm.
Take-off dist: 350 ft.
Landing dist: 55 ft.
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

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