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Fisher R-80 Tiger Moth

Steve Turner & Steve Lamberg developed the R-80 Tiger Moth as an 80% scale de Havilland Tiger Moth. Introduced and first flown in 1994, the original prototype fuselage was made of wood and powered with a Norton rotary engine.
In 2000 the Tiger Moth was introduced with a 4140 steel tube fuselage. The kit cost approximately US$5000 more than the wood version and included a prewelded fuselage, vertical fin, rudder, stabiliser, and elevator. No welding is required by the builder.
In 1997 the basic kit cost US$9300 with the quick build kit US$10,600. The Rotac 582, 618 or Subaru engines were options.
Issues with the fuel consumption and cooling led to a change in 2000 to a LOM M132, 120 hp engine. LOM provided a wood propeller that matched that engine. At that time the engine cost US$12,000 and the propeller US$1800.
The R-80 Tiger Moth is recommended for both first-time and experienced builders and only basic tools are needed in construction. Realistic estimates put construction time at 700 hours. The wood R-80 is straight-forward and strong. Aircraft grade epoxy adhesives are used throughout.



Initially, the airframe was designed by an aeronautical engineer. A design engineer was then brought in to assist during the actual construction and modification stage. The airframe was then tested, by an independent firm that specializes in structural analysis, to a limit of six positive and three negative g’s. At one point in this test, over 6,000 pounds of sandbags were on the R-80’s airframe - and it didn’t break.
By 2001 the standard airframe kit cost US$16,500, and quick build airframe kit cost US$18,500.
2009 kit price: US$15,500

Engine: Norton AE 100R
Horsepower: 75-100 hp
Engine Weight: 180-200 lb
Wingspan: 23'
Wing Area: 170 sq. ft.
Height: 7'4"
Length: 19'
Gross Weight: 522 kg / 1,150 lb
Empty Weight: 254 kg / 560 lb
Service Ceiling: 10,000
Vne: 96 kt / 110 mph / 177 kmh
Cruise Speed: 78 kt / 90 mph / 145 kmh
Stall Speed: 30 kt / 35 mph / 56 kmh
Climb Rate: 800-1000 fpm
Range (12 USgal fuel tank): 200 mi.
Design Loads: +6 -3g
Cockpit width: 26"
Takeoff Run: 300 ft / 91 m
Landing Roll: 400 ft / 122 m
Seats: 2/Tandem
Landing gear: tail wheel

Engine: 120 hp
Wingspan: 23 ft
Wing Area: 170 sq. ft.
Height: 7 ft 4 in
Length: 20 ft
Gross Weight: 1350 lb
Empty Weight: 826 lb
Cruise Speed: 80 mph
Stall Speed: 30 kt / 35 mph / 56 kmh
Climb Rate: 800 fpm
Range: 200 mi.
Takeoff Run: 300 ft / 91 m
Landing Roll: 300 ft / 91 m
Seats: 2/Tandem
Landing gear: tail wheel
Engine: Rotax 912, 80 hp
Wing span: 7.0 m
Wing area: 15.80 sq.m
MAUW: 520 kg
Empty weight: 258 kg
Fuel capacity: 45 lt
Cruise speed: 145 kph
Minimum speed: 56 kph
Climb rate: 5 m/s
Fuel consumption: 16 lt/hr
Seats: 2
Plan price (1998): US$250
Kit price (1998): US$8850

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