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Fisher Horizon 2

First flown in 1991, the amateur-built Horizon 2 was inspired by the O-1 Bird Dog and designed with the larger pilot in mind, so the cockpit has ample room for a 6'6" person weighing 280 pounds and the tandem seating. Thirty had been sold by 2004. The wing of the Horizon 2 features a modified GA (W)-2 airfoil combined with slotted flaps and ailerons, giving the plane more control and less drag at all airspeeds. The wing is a quick-folding wing for storage.



The Horizon 2 is only similar to the Horizon 1 in that they are both tandem, two place, high wing aircraft, but that's where the similarity ends. The Horizon 2 has a uniquely shaped fuselage, which gives it a cleaner, more efficient aerodynamic design accounting for the 20 mph increase in cruise speed over the Horizon 1. The aerodynamic design also allows a 360 degree field of vision.
Kits were available for US$7500 and plans sold for US$350 in 1997.
Horizon 2

Horizon 2
Engine: Limbach, 80 hp.
HP range: 65-115.
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Length: 19 ft 8 in
Wing span: 26 ft.
Wing area: 113.6 sq.ft.
Fuel cap: 13 USG.
Weight empty: 570 lbs.
Gross: 1050 lbs.
Wing Load @ Gross: 9.3 lbs/sq. ft
Wing Cord: 54"
Velocity-Never Exceed: 120 mph
Speed max: 110 mph.
Cruise: 95 mph.
Range: 250 sm.
Stall: 35 mph.
ROC: 900 fpm.
Take-off dist: 250 ft.
Landing dist: 250 ft.
Seats: 2/Tandem dual controls.
Landing gear: tail wheel.
Construction: Wood/fabric, or Metal/fabric.
Design Loads: +4 -2.5g
Engine: Subaru
Propeller: Ground adjustable 3 blade
Wingspan: 26ft
Fuel capacity: 13 gallons
Top level speed: 120mph
Cruise speed: 95/100mph
Stall speed: 35/38 mph
Climb rate: 800/900 FPM
Take off run: 250/500ft
Landing roll: 250/300 ft

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