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Fisher Classic

Sharing the flight characteristics of the 404, the two-place version of the FP-404 also carrys a passenger. First flown in 1987, dual controls give you the option of front or back position, and an 85 mph cruise speed.
This amateur-built biplane aircraft is complete with minimal instruments and bare-necessity controls. Featuring short wings, four ailerons and a semisymmetrical airfoil, the aircraft answers commands instantaneously. Geodetic wood construction and additional bracing contribute to structural strength, enough to withstand higher Gs than most light planes. The wings detach for east storage.
For experimental models, a 64 horsepower Rotax engine provides enough power for an 800 feet-per-minute climb.
In 1997 the kit price was US$6775. The 1998 kit price was US$7392. By 2004, 150 had been sold.



Engine: Rotax 582, 64 hp.
Range: 225 sm.
Stall: 38 mph.
ROC: 1000 fpm.
Take-off dist: 200 ft.
Landing dist: 300 ft.
Fuel cap: 8 USG.
Weight empty: 400 lbs.
Gross: 850 lbs.
Height: 5 ft 11 in.
Length: 16ft 9in.
Wing span: 22 ft.
Wing area: 154 sq.ft.
Seats: 2.
Landing gear: nose wheel.
Wing Gap: 41" / 38"
Aileron Area: 18 sq. ft.
Tail Span: 84"
Drive Type: Geared
Reduction Ratio: 2.58:1
Max. Pilot Weight: 200 lbs.
Construction Time: 500 hrs.
Field Assembly Time: 30 min.
Velocity-Never Exceed Solo: 110 mph
Max Speed Solo: 90 mph
Cruise Speed Solo: 75-80 mph
Stall Speed Solo: 35 mph
Climb Rate Solo: 800 fpm
Glide Ratio Solo: 8:1
Velocity-Never Exceed Gross: 100 mph
Max Speed Gross: 90 mph
Cruise Speed Gross: 75-80 mph
Stall Speed Gross: 38-39 mph
Climb Rate Gross: 600 fpm
Glide Ratio Gross: 7:1

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