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Fisher FP-505 Skeeter


First flown in 1984, this light plane combines a high wing and an open cockpit, loosely based on the Pietenpol Air Camper. The pylon-mounted high wing leaves the cockpit essentially unenclosed, offering the pilot spectacular visibility and the freedom of an open cockpit design. Powered by a 40 horsepower Rotax, the FP-505 has shock-absorbing gear and geodetic construction.
By 2004 50 had been sold.

Engine; 2SI 460-35
Drive Type; Geared
Reduction Ratio; 2.58-to-1
Wingspan; 28'
Wing Area; 112 sq. ft.
Length; 16'6"
Gross Weight; 500 lbs.
Empty Weight; 240-250 lbs.
Max. Pilot Weight; 200 lbs.
Fuel Capacity; 5 USgal.
Cruise Speed; 55-60 mph
Stall Speed; 26 mph
Climb Rate; 700-800 fpm
Glide Ratio; 9:1
Takeoff Run; 150'
Design Loads; +4.6 -2.3g
Construction Time; 500 hrs.
Field Assembly Time; 15 min.

Engine: Rotax 277, 28 hp.
Height: 5.8 ft.
Length: 16.5 ft.
Wing span: 28 ft.
Wing area: 112 sq.ft.
Fuel cap: 5 USG.
Weight empty: 245 lbs.
Gross: 500 lbs.
Wing loading: 4.46 lbs/sq.ft.
Power loading: 17.85 lbs/hp.
Speed max: 62 mph.
Cruise: 55 mph.
Vne mph: 90.
Range: 180 sm.
Stall: 26 mph.
ROC: 750 fpm.
Take-off dist: 150 ft.
Landing dist: 150 ft.
Service ceiling: 13,000 ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

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