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Fisher FP-404

First flown in 1984, the FP-404 is a throw-back to seat-of-the-pants flying, complete with minimal instruments and bare-necessity controls. A single seat biplane amateur-built biplane, the 404 is a version of Fisher Classic, featuring short wings, full-span ailerons and a semisymmetrical airfoil. Geodetic wood construction and additional bracing contribute to structural strength, enough to withstand higher Gs than most lightplanes.
For experimental models, a 50 horsepower Rotax engine is more than enough power for 800 feet-per-minute climbs. The plane is as responsive as you are aggressive.
By 2004 350 had been sold.



Engine; Rotax 503, 48 hp
Drive Type; Geared
Reduction Ratio; 2.58-to-1
Wingspan; 18'
Wing Area; 120 sq. ft.
Wing Gap; 2'8"
Aileron Area; 14 sq. ft.
Length; 14'6"
Height; 5'5"
Tail Span; 6'6"
Gross Weight; 540 lbs.
Empty Weight; 275 lbs.
Max. Pilot Weight; 200 lbs.
Fuel cap: 5.8 USG.
Wing loading: 4.5 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 11.25 lbs/hp.
Construction Time; 500 hrs.
Field Assembly Time; 15 min.
Velocity-Never Exceed; 90 mph
Top Level Speed; 80 mph
Cruise Speed; 72 mph
Stall Speed; 30 mph
Climb Rate; 800 fpm
Takeoff Run; 125'
Landing Roll; 200'
L/D (Glide Ratio); 8-to-1
Range: 140 sm.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

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