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Fisher FP-303


First flown in 1982, 200 were sold by 2004. A low wing, single seat ultralight designed to be as portable as possible, the 303’s wings are easily folded back to rest on the cantilevered horizontal stabilizer. Field assembly time is less than 10 minutes.
Take-off roll is 100 feet, with a climb rate of 800 feet per minute. In the 303, visibility is always good. The cockpit is situated slightly forward of the wing’s leading edge, giving a clear view of what’s above, around and below.
The FP-303 has a centre mounted joy stick, rudder pedals, and tailwheel steerable through rudder pedals.
In 1997 the plans cost US$195.

Engine; Rotax 277, 25 hp @ 6000 rpm
Prop Diameter/Pitch; 60"/28 deg
Rotax Geared Reduction Drive; 2.58-to-1
Wingspan; 27'8"
Length; 16'6"
Height; 5'2"
Wing Area; 111 sq. ft.
Gross Weight; 450 lbs.
Empty Weight; 235 lbs.
Useful Load; 215 lbs.
Wing Loading; 4.1 psf
Power Loading; 18 lb/hp
Design Load Factors; +4.6 -2.3g
Construction Time; 250 hrs.
Field Assembly Time; 5 min.
Velocity-Never Exceed; 70 mph
Top Level Speed; 60 mph
Cruise Speed; 45-60 mph @ 65% power
Stall Speed (in free air); 25 mph
Sea Level Climb Rate; 700-800 fpm @ 40 mph
Takeoff Run; 125'
Landing Roll; 125'
L/D (Glide Ratio); 9-to-1 @ 40 mph
Service ceiling: 11,000 ft.

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