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Filper Beta 400


The Beta 200 prototype (N5000F) was first flown on 26 May 1966. Filper planned several versions of the Beta with either two seats (Model 200A and 300) or four seats (Model 400A and 600A). The four-seat models had a fuselage which was stretched by 36-inches and the first Beta 400A (N5003F) was flown on 13 July 1967. The Beta 400A had a 250hp Continental IO-520. Details of the Model 600A are unknown.
A former N.A. test pilot and a flight test engineer were killed in the stretched version.
Registration records show that 32 Betas were completed, comprising two Model 100As, 29 Model 400As and one Model 600A, but there is some doubt as to whether all of these were completed. It is believed the company ceased operations in 1969.
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