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Fauvel AV.3

With the unexpected bankruptcy of the Guerchais enterprise and the end of financial support from the main investor, the Makhonine company, the development of the AV-2 stopped and was ultimately never finished. In a parallel effort, Charles Fauvel designed another prototype, a pure glider designated the AV-3. Thanks to the financial support of friends (former squadron friends), he was able to construct and test the AV-3, making the first flights in 1933 from the La Banne d'Ordanches airfield. He also allowed a famous glider pilot, Eric Nessler, to fly the glider, who confessed that he was very much impressed by Fauvel's flying wing formula. The AV-3 was destroyed in 1936, when the aircraft hangar where it had been stored for the winter was virtually destroyed by a storm that took off the roof. This allowed rain to fall in torrents on the glider for more than a week and the water caused too much damage to consider repair. The AV-3 was the last pre-war glider of Charles Fauvel.

Wing span: 12.9 m
Length: 3.62 m
Wing area: 20 sq.m
Airfoil: Fauvel
Aspect ratio: 8.3
Empty weight: 107 kg
Max speed (Vno): 250 km/h
Glide ratio: 19:1
Sink rate: 0.8 m/sec

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