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Falconar SAL Mustang P-51D



A 2/3 scale P-51 Mustang with a basic structure of all wood with fiberglass cloth and HIPEC® on the exterior. All ribs, bulkheads and most parts shown full size in professionally drawn plans. Construction manuals included. Features include jettisonable canopy, removable fiberglass belly scoop, electric or manual flaps, and electric or manual tailwheel retract. The basic plan set (450 sq ft of plans - 13 lbs) includes general construction manual on gluing, scarfing, wood protection and finishing, weight & balance forms, material list, bulletins to date, fin & stab fairings drawings.

In 2000 Falconar Avia produced supplemental plans for a P-51B two-seater. The new plans depict the turtle-deck and canopy otherwise it is identical to the basic two-seater.




The turtle-deck structure involves elliptical cross-section skin formers. Then the double-curvature skin section is a fibreglass and resin composite piece. The turtle-deck sides are simple skins of 1.5-2mm birch ply, covered in 2 oz fibreglass cloth.

In 2010 SAL 2/3 Scale P51 (two tandem seating) plans cost US$670, and 2/3 Scale P51 (single seat) US$480.


On June 30, 2019, Falconar Avia Inc closed for business and assets dissolved. The Master Sets (Original Drawings, Plans, Info Kits, Documentation) were available for sale and full transfer of rights included the 2/3 Mustang P51 and P51 T for $20,000 USD.

Engine: Ranger 6-440-C5.
HP range: 175-260.
Speed max: 258 mph.
Height: 7 ft.
Length: 22.5 ft.
Wing span: 24.8 ft.
Wing area: 110 sq.ft.
Fuel cap: 36 USG.
Weight empty: 1420 lb
Gross: 1985 lb
Vne: 258 mph
Cruise: 170 mph.
Range: 575 sm.
Stall: 60 mph.
ROC: 1850 fpm.
Landing dist: 700 ft.
TO dist: 700 ft.
Service ceiling: 17,400 ft.
Seats: 1-2.
Cockpit with: 24 in
Landing gear: retractable tail wheel.


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