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Facet Sapphire


The Sapphire is designed as an efficient ultralight for use in a wide range of strip and weather conditions. Extensive testing over the last 2 years has resulted in only minor modifications having to be effected. The sleek glider like aircraft is constructed of fibreglass foam, aluminium and fabric wing and tail coverings. Cockpit is open but glider type fuselage and windscreen gives protection from the elements. Undercarriage is conventional tail-dragger.

Designed in Australia by Scott Winton, of fibreglass and aluminium construction, the 95/10 has wing tanks, rather than previous fuselage tank, and fabric covered wings in place of fibreglass on the earlier, heavier models. All are three axis control.

Engine: Rotax 377, 35hp.
Wing span: 8.84m.
Length: 4.88m.
Empty wt: 141 kg.
MAUW: 249 kg.
Range: 306 km.
Fuel capacity: 24 ltr.
Econ cruise speed: 73 kts.
Stall: 29kts.

Sapphire 95/10
Engine: Rotax 447, 40 hp.
Stall: 32 mph.
Cruise: 80 mph.
Vne: 110 mph.
ROC: 1400 fpm.
Take-off dist: 120 ft.
Ldg dist: 300 ft.


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