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Extra EA 300 / 330



Extra 300 in single-seat 300 hp aerobatic competition (300 S), tandem two-seat aerobatic and training/cross-country (300), and 300 L low-wing (instead of mid-wing) variants; Extra 330 as a derivative of Extra 300 with Textron Lycoming AEIO-580 engine.


Extra EA.300L


The Extra 330 LE high performance electric aerobatic airplane, jointly developed by Extra Aircraft and Siemens, has successfully demonstrated aerobatic performance as well as the capacity of glider towing and has beaten several world records. At a Paris Airshow the aircraft towed an aerobatic glider to 1000 Meter (with an average climb rate of 9.5 meters per second) then the glider performed aerobatics while the Extra landed and then after the glider landed the Extra, without recharging, took off again and for an aerobatic show with 260Kw on the prop.

Extra 300
Engine: Lycoming AEIO540, 300HP
Propeller: MT Composite 3 Blade Constant Speed
Top Speed: 220 knots
Roll Rate: 420 Degrees per Second
Climb Rate: 3,200 feet per minute
Load Limits: +/- 10G
Weight: 950kg
Fuel Capacity: 171 litres
Airframe: Composite Monoplane


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