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Experimental Aviation Berkut



Outwardly reminiscent of the Long-EZ, the new composite canard used the Burt Rutan design as a starting point. Added to the aerodynamic appeal is fully retractable landing gear, split canopies, a 205 hp engine and a longer, wider pre-moulded fuselage.

Named after the Berkut (Berkoot), a Russian Golden Eagle, by designer Dave Ronnenberg, the new craft uses a Lycoming 0-360 to provide a cruise of 208 knots indicated at 8000 feet on 2840rpm.

Constructed of carbon fibre and fibreglass - a balsa core sandwich with a safety epoxy matrix - the canard pusher has an overall length of some 18 foot 6in. The cockpit features a sidearm controller/stick with HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick Controls). Going through its test programme in 1991 with manufacturing company Experimental Aviation, the aircraft has a claimed range of 1,400 nm at 65 percent power. Other preliminary specifications include a 2000 fpm ROC, 54 knots minimum controllable airspeed gear down, an endurance of 5.5 hours at 65 percent power, a ceiling of 35,000 feet, maximum useful load of 965 lbs and an empty weight of 1,035 lbs.


The prototype Berkut was designed and built by Dave H. Ronneberg and Kerry Beresford.
Like the Long EZ, the Berkut carries 2 people in tandem seats. The front seat occupant has access to all instrumentation and controls. The rear seat, normally holding the passenger, is equipped with a side stick and throttle, but no rudder pedals, brakes, or instruments.
Out of 57 kits sold by 1998, 7 were finished.


Builder Jerrold Jorritsma instaled a General Electric T-58 jet engine in his Berkut.
It was destroyed following an engine failure in Loveland, CO, May 9, 2010.


Engine: Lycoming IO-360-B1A, 205 hp.
HP range: 180-205.
Height: 7.5 ft.
Length: 18.5 ft.
Wing span: 26.67 ft.
Wing area: 110 sq.ft.
Weight empty: 1035 lbs.
Gross: 2000 lbs.
Fuel cap: 58 USG.
Speed max: 250 mph.
Cruise: 209 mph.
Range: 1228 sm.
Stall: 62 mph.
ROC: 2000 fpm.
Take-off dist: 1000 ft.
Landing dist: 1000 ft.
Service ceiling: 29,500 ft.
Seats: 2.
Landing gear: retractable nose wheel.

Renaissance Composites Berkut
Engine: Lycoming IO
Wing span: 8.12 m
Wing area: 10.12 sq.m
MAUW: 907 kg
Empty weight: 469 kg
Fuel capacity: 219 lt
Max speed: 398 kph
Cruise speed: 385 kph
Minimum speed: 107 kph
Climb rate: 10 m/s
Fuel consumption: 38 lt/hr
Seats: 2
Kit price (1998): $34,480






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