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Expedition Aircraft E350


Engine: Lycoming IO-580-B1A, 315 hp@SL
TBO: 1800 hr
Propeller: 3-blade, CS, 82-in. Hartzell
Landing gear: Tri./Fixed
Gross weight: 3800 lb
Takeoff weight: 3800lb
Empty weight, std.: 2300 lb
Useful load, std: 1500 lb
Payload, full std. fuel: 912 lb
Usable fuel: 98 USgal
Baggage capacity: 250 lb
Wingspan: 38 ft. 9 in.
Wing loading: 20.5 lbs./sq. ft
Power loading: 12.1 lbs./hp
Seating capacity: 4 + 1
Cabin doors: 4
Cabin width: 52 in
Cabin height: 50 in
Cabin length: 138 in
Cruise speed@gross: 150 KTAS
Cruise speed@3,200 lb: 160 KTAS
Max range: 793 nm
Stall speed: 54 KCAS
Rate of climb@gross: 1091 fpm
Takeoff distance: 775 ft
Takeoff over 50 ft. obstacle:1286 ft
Base price: US$485,000


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