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Evans VP-2


Following the success of the Volksplane VP-1, Evans designed the VP-2, capable of carrying two persons side by side. Construction is generally similar to the VP-1. The fuselage is of rectangular cross-section and consists of four wooden longerons, bulkheads and plywood skin. A fibreglass fairing is located behind the open cockpit. The fuselage width at the cockpit is approximately 35 inches. The wing is made up of two solid spruce spars. wooden ribs, compression struts and internal wire bracing. Each wing panel is fabric covered and externally braced to the fuselage with streamline steel tube struts. No flaps are fitted. The airfoil section is NACA 4415. The rudder consists of wooden ribs clamped to an aluminium tube mounted vertically in the rear fuselage. The all moving tailplane is a wooden cantilever structure, consisting of a simple box spar to which are glued wooden ribs. Both tailplane and rudder are fabric covered. The main wheels are carried on bent wire braced 2024-T3 aluminium alloy legs which are bolted to the fuselage. Shock absorption is taken by low pressure 600 x 6” tyres. Fuel is carried in a moulded II Imperial gallon fibreglass fuel tank aft of the firewall. VW engines up to 65 h.p. (2100cc) may be installed. The VP-2 with a passenger aboard is designed for “normal category” use, which allows non-aerobatic operation and all maneuvers incident to normal flying. Without a passenger, Utility category use is permitted, which includes stalls, lazy eights, chandelles and steep turns with a bank angle of more than 60 degrees. Aerobatics are not approved in either the VP-1 or VP-2.

For a super-quick build some builders fly the primary structure alone; no cowls, canopy, turtleback, fairings, etc. Then they design and build lines at their leisure.

Engine Volkswagen (1834 cc), 60-hp.
Gross Wt. 1040 lb.
Empty Wt. 640 lb.
Fuel capacity 14 USG.
Wingspan 27 ft.
Wing Area: l30 sq.ft.
Wing Loading: 8.0 lb/sq.ft.
Length 19 ft.
Wing area: 130 sq.ft.
Top speed: 95 mph.
Cruise: 75 mph.
Stall: 45 mph.
Climb rate 500 fpm.
Ceiling 10,000 ft.
Takeoff run 700 ft.
Landing roll 400 ft.
Range 200 miles.
Seats: 2


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