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Evans Aircraft VP-1




The Volksplane VP-1 is a single seat aircraft designed by W.S. Evans, and first flown in 1968. The bare angular look is due to the designer’s aim to build a simple aeroplane where appearance and performance were of secondary importance. The wings consist of two solid spruce spars, band sawn ¼ inch plywood ribs, internal wire bracing and fabric covering. The wing is made in two separate panels, bolted to the fuselage at the inboard end and externally braced by streamline tubular steel struts. The airfoil section is NACA 4412. The fuselage is a square wooden 3-bulkhead box structure, plywood covered. A single tube over the windscreen serves as an overturn bar. The empennage consists of a wooden all-flying tailplane, to which is fitted an anti-servo tab and a single all-moving rudder. Both the rudder and tailplane are fabric covered. No fin is fitted. The undercarriage is made up of bent 3/8” 2024-T3 aluminium alloy plate wire braced and bolted to the fuselage. Shock absorption is taken by the two 600 x 6 tyres. A 6½ Imperial gallon moulded fibreglass fuel tank is installed behind the firewall. Engines up to 50 h.p. may be fitted. The only welding in the entire airplane is in the control stick assembly, the flying struts and the stabilator horn. Both the VP-1 and VP-2 can be stowed at home and require no trailer for highway towing. Aerobatics are not approved in either the VP-1 or VP-2.



For a super-quick build some builders fly the primary structure alone; no cowls, canopy, turtleback, fairings, etc. Then they design and build lines at their leisure.




Engine: VW, 50 hp.
Length: 18 ft.
Wing span: 24 ft.
Wing area: 100 sq.ft.
Fuel cap: 8 USG.
Weight empty: 475 lbs.
Gross: 685 lbs.
Speed max: 90 mph.
Cruise: 75 mph.
Range: 200 sm.
Stall: 45 mph.
ROC: 600 fpm.
Take-off dist: 500 ft.
Landing dist: 400 ft.
Service ceiling: 10,000 ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

Engine: 40 hp VW.
Span: 24’0”.
Length: l8’0”.
Wing Area: 100 sq. ft.
Empty Weight: 350 lb.
Loaded Weight VP-1: 740 lb.
Loaded Weight VP-1/A: 800 lb.
Wing Loading VP-1/A: 8.0 lb/sq.ft.
Max Speed: 85 mph.
Cruise Speed: 70 mph.
Stall Speed: 46 mph.
Climb: 400 fpm.
Range: 200 miles.


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