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In 1997, once the basics of engineering and financing were solved, Euroenaer was created, based at the airport in Den Helder, whose objectives were generally produce structural analysis and design, product design and production of aircraft technology. The company was organized according to 21 JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) requirements and was certified as an organization design and production organization to achieve design type certificate of aircraft. Subsequently Euroenaer sought FAA certification, using the Euro-Enaer EE-10 Eaglet CC-PZL.
Monetary contributions came from several European investors and other institutes that were linked to the Eaglet Project.
1) ENAER accounted for 21% of the capital;
2) The Aerospace Business Group (owned by Hein Langendijk), grew to 51% of the company;
3) TIFAN (a fund formed by universities and local banks) and the holding Thresoor Bunshoten, 10%;
4) A number of other small investors like Jan Van Toorn.
The technical-academic institutions that were supporting the project, include:
1) Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology;
2) The Dutch Technical Research Institute / Centre of Lightweight Structures (TNO), experts in the field the VISA project - Vacuum Injection Small Aircraft, with the concept of Resin Transfer Moulding RTM.
3) Also participate as a contractor of the project in the Netherlands was Aircraft Company Renegade CV (GRA-CV) [a company of K3C Group], which designed and built production molds for the windshield, central panel and column, flaps and slots, Mount Compass, dummy instruments, and several other small parts. It also established the facilities for testing wing design (although the windscreen and doors were actually manufactured by Mecaplex, Switzerland).
The final certification of design and manufacturing rights for the Euro-Enaer EE-10 Eaglettook longer than desired, and that during this delay EuroEnaer began with financial difficulties that made it go bankrupt. Additionally, the participating contractor gamely Renegade Aircraft CV ( GRA -CV ) , in 2001 provided additional problems to the project by way of claiming the protection of their rights related Eaglet and threatened with lawsuits to be taken advantage of such designs , including specifically related companies Eaglet .
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