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Esnault-Pelterie R.E.P.2


REP.2 bis


One of the few pioneers to persevere with the monoplane, Robert Esnault-Pelterie applied to his work to apply aileron control to a full-sized aeroplane (a glider, in 1904), the first to use hydraulic wheel brakes, the first to develop an aircraft seat belt, he also designed the engines that powered his early aircraft. First flown on 15 February 1909, the steel frame REP 2bis represented the culmination of development of his first powered aircraft, and in May 1909 it made its best flight, travelling some 5 miles (8 km). Before the end of the first World War, however. Esnauit-Peiterie had transferred his interest to an even more exciting field that of rocket propulsion.




The REP 2 was similar to the REP 1 but now with fin and rudder.


Engine: R.E.P. seven--cylinder air-cooled semi-radial, 30 hp.
Prop: 4-blade.
Wing span: 28 ft 2.5 in (8.60 m).
Length: appro. 22 ft 6.75 in (6.85 m).
Height: approx 8 ft 21 in (2.50 m).
Wing area: 169.5 sq ft (15.75 sq.m).
Gross weight: 772 lb (350 kg).
Speed:  approx 50 mph (80 kph).
Seats: 1



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