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Epic Escape

The carbon fiber Epic Escape is a pressurized single-engine turboprop that is a 92% scaled down version of the Epic LT. The pressurized, carbon-composite fuselage carrys 4-5 passengers, and the slight reduction in size allows the Escape to fly even faster than the Epic LT. The high tech airframe design with the Honeywell Garrett-10 1000 horsepower engine gives 360 KTAS.

The four or five-place cabin has reclining leather seats, and exotic wood trim. The Escape VLJ turboprop was to be available as an experimental aircraft.

Seats; 4 or 5
Pressurization; 6.5 psi
Engine; 1,000 hp
Length; 33.4 ft.
Wingspan; 36.3 ft.
Height; 11.7 ft.
Cabin length; 14.5 ft.
Cabin width; 4.7 ft.
Cabin height; 4.4 ft.
Empty weight; 2,750 lbs.
Maximum take-off weight; 5,500 lbs.
Maximum payload with full fuel; 855 lbs.
Maximum cruise; 365 KTAS
Economy cruise; 300 KTAS
Ceiling; 28,000 ft.
Time to climb; 28,000 ft., 8 min.
Range economy cruise (res / max pax); 1,800 NM


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