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Epic LT / Dynasty

Epic LT

The carbon fibre Epic LT was designed and built by Rick Schameck in 14 months to 2004.

The Epic Dynasty is the certified version of the Epic LT.

With nearly 2000 hours logged toward certification, the Dynasty was undergoing testing mandated by Transport Canada towards Transport Canada Certification, enabling Part 135 on demand charter and air taxi services.   


The Dynasty has all the features of the Epic LT, plus some extras. Available long range tanks extend the Dynasty to an estimated range of almost 1900nm. The carbon fiber fuselage paired with a PT-6 engine delivers 340 knots of true air speed. Like the Epic LT, the Dynasty carries six passengers with full fuel and baggage.

Epic LT
Engine: P&W PT6-67A, 1200 hp
HP range: 750-1200
Cruise: 402 mph
Stall: 68 mph
Range: 1840 sm
Rate of climb: 4800 fpm
Takeoff dist: 1500 ft
Landing dist: 1500 ft
Fuel capacity: 289 USG
Empty weight: 4200 lb
Gross weight: 7329 lb
Length: 36.7 ft
Wing span: 43 ft
Wing area: 203.5 sq.ft
Seats: 6
Landing gear: nose

Epic Dynasty
Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6-67A
Wingspan: 43 ft
Height: 12.5 ft
Length: 35.8 ft
Wing area: 203.6 sq. ft
Empty weight: 4,000 lb
Maximum take-off weight: 7,300 lb
Usable load with standard fuel: 1,350 lb
Maximum cruise: 340 KTAS
Economy cruise: 288 KTAS
Certified ceiling: 31,000 ft
Time to climb: 9 minutes to 25,000 ft
Range max cruise (w/ IFR res @ MTOW /opt LR tanks: 1,874 NM
Range maximum cruise (with IFR reserves @ MTOW): 1,200 NM
Take-off distance (over 50' obstacle): 1,600 ft.
Landing distance (over 50' obstacle): 1,840 ft.
Fuel capacity: 288 gallons usable
Fuel capacity (optional long range tanks): 350 gallons usable
Seats: 6
Cabin length: 15 ft
Cabin width: 4.6 ft
Cabin height: 4.9 ft
Pressurization: 6.5 psi


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