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Entwicklungsschritte Archaeopteryx


Designed at the Zurich University School of Engineering, the project started in 1998 with the concept prototype, stage P1, first flying in September 2001.
The concept prototype, stage P2, modified from the P1, first flew in May 2002. Concept prototype, stage P2 E P2 with detail evolutions first flew in March 2003.
The result was a successfully tested prototype Archaeopteryx P2E.

For flight testing many successful flights were accomplished and since then, by foot start and bungee cord, from the level by auto, winding, trike and UL-tows were achieved. The flight behaviour was of a completely new, safe airplane, which fulfils all requirements of its product requirement specifications and for the pilot new possibilities in the super-light sail flight opens.

Span: 13.6 m              
Length: 5.7 m  
Height: 2.9 m              
Wing area: 12.8 sq.m  
Wing loading: 9.0-12.5 kg/sq.m        
Take-off weight: 115-160 kg
Pilot size: 1.65-1.95 m        
Pilot weight: 55-100 kg  
Load factor: +5.3/-2.65 g          
Stall: 30-35 km/h
Vne: 130 km/h           
Min sink: 0.44-0.51 m/s  
Glide ratio: 28            
Min turn radius 45 deg bank: 15 m


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