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Enterprise Wings Rage




Circa 1995, the Rage is an intermediate glider with 70 percent double surface and uses 7075 battens. This glider can't get fast enough to loop it but has respectable performance and is a dream to handle (thanks to the ball and socket wing tips).Handles well, never any bad suprises.
When Enterprise Wings was wound up in 1995 it appears the Enterprise Wings "Rage" plans were sold to Moyes and became the Moyes Max.
Wing area: 14.8 m²
Wing span: 9.9 m
Aspect ratio: 6.6
Hang glider weight: 30 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 110 kg
Packed length: 5.8 m
Packed length short: 3.9 m
Number of battens: 25
Nose angle: 125°




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