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Enstrom Helicopter Corp. / R.J.Enstrom Corp.

As R. J. Enstrom Corporation, was formed in 1959 by Rudy Enstrom in Menominee, Michigan to develop experimental helicopter, first flown November 1960. Developed type (F-28) flown May 1962; and deliveries of further improved F-28A began in 1968. First year's production was 43 aircraft. In 1968 first tests were made with turboshaft installation.

Enstrom sold only nine F-28s before being purchased by the Purex Corporation in early 1968, and Purex suspended all operations in February 1970.

In Janu-ary 1971, defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey purchased the majority in-terest in Enstrom and embarked on an ag-gressive reorganization and production resumed in 1971 under Enstrom Helicopter Corporation title. Between ear-ly 1972 and June 1975, the gross income of Enstrom Helicopter rose at a compounded growth rate of nearly 45 percent.

1977: Enstrom Helicopter Corporation, Menominee, Michigan, USA.

After intervening acquisitions, including operation as part of Pacific Airmotive Aerospace Group, 1980 purchase by Bravo Investments BVC of the Netherlands, and acquisition by US investors, resumed manufacture. By June 1977 the 500th Enstrom helicopter had been delivered. The Enstrom Helicopter Company, offering the piston-engined three-seat F28F (first flown December 1980 as improved F-28 type) and 280FX (available since 1985), latter based on F28F but with airframe and cabin refinements. Also offers the five-seat 480 Turbine (first flown October 1989), using an Allison turboshaft engine.

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