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Enaer  / Empresa Nacional de Aeronautica Chile
INDAER  / Industria Aeronautica

INDAER  / Industria Aeronautica was established in 1980 by military FAdeC to assemble/manufacture Piper and CASA aircraft, and co-develop Pillan trainer. Became Empresa Nacional de Aeronautica Chile in 1984.

ENAER's first major undertaking was production of the piston-engined T-35 Pillan basic trainer, developed with Piper assistance and using many structural components from existing Piper lightplanes, and first flown as a prototype in March 1981, the first production aircraft flying in 1984. The current version, the Pillan 2000 with new wings of greater span developed by Technoavia in Russia, is offered with a piston engine or a turboprop. ENAER's second industrial program was assembly from kits and later construction of Spanish- developed CASA C-101BB and CC jets, delivered to the Chilean Air Force from 1983 as T-36 Halcon advanced jet trainers and A-36 Halcon light tactical attack aircraft respectively. From 1997 A-36s were redelivered by SAGEM of France as Halcon Us, after avionics upgrade. In 1995 production began of the Namcu aerobatic, training and utility lightplane of composites construction (first flown April 1989), which is also being assembled by EuroENAER in the Netherlands as the Eaglet. Other current activities include aircraft modernization, maintenance and repair, component construction and satellite work.
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