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Embraer launched the ERJ-135 on 16 September 1997 as a 37-seat development of the ERJ-145 benefits from more than 95% of parts commonality with the ERJ 145: engines, main systems, cockpit, wing and tail. The fuselage cross section is the same, only 3,6 metres shorter. Rolled-out on 12 May 1998, the ERJ-135 made its first flight on 4 July 1998. A second prototype was flown on 24 September 1998, for systems testing before conversion to production standard in March 1999. Both prototypes were converted from ERJ-145 prototypes.

The public debut was at Farnborough Air Show in September 1998.  Brazilian CTA certification was achieved in June 1999 and FAA certification on 15 July 1999.
The first customer delivery was on 23 July 1999 to Continental Express, followed by American Eagle.

Two basic versions of the ERJ135 were available. The Extended Range (ER) and Long Range (LR). The ERJ135ER is powered by two Rolls Royce Allison AE3007A3 high-bypass ratio turbofans, while the ERJ135LR features an additional fuel tank and slightly more powerful AE 3007A4 turbofans. This ERJ135LR has a range of 3.241 km and a maximum cruise speed of Mach .78 (833 km/h).

In 2000, Embraer started with the development of the Legacy. The Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600 is a twin-engine corporate jet for up to 16 passengers. The Legacy first flew on 31 March 2001. Compared to the commercial versions, the Legacy has more thrust, a new fuel system, increased cabin headroom, new winglets, additional avionics, and a higher service ceiling. The Legacy features additional fuel giving a range with 10 passengers of 5930km (3200nm). The EMB135BJ Legacy is powered by two Rolls Royce Allison AE3007 A1E high-bypass ratio turbofans. The Legacy 600 has a range of 6.019 km and a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.80. By 2008 over 70 aircraft of the Legacy has sold to operators around the world.


Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy P4-MIV


The Embraer Legacy 650 first flew on 23 September 2009.


Embraer’s ERJ-140 were flying a year and a half after the ERJ-135. Upgraded versions of each model have followed. The ERJ-145LR came in 1998 and the XR came in 2002, both with larger and more efficient engines, an increased takeoff weight and more fuel capacity for extended range.

Total of 122 firm commercial orders and seven options by 1 January 2004. Additionally, one VIP-configured ERJ-135LR handed over to Greek Air Force on 7 January 2000 and two, also in VIP configuration, to the Belgian Air Force on 4 June and in August 2001, for operation by No. 21 Squadron at Melsbroek with two similarly configured ERJ-145s. Deliveries have been 16 in 1999, 45 in 2000, 27 in 2001, three in 2002 and 14 in 2003.


Embraer ERJ-135BJ Legacy A9C-MTC


The ERJ-140 was launched on 30 September 1999 at the European Regional Airline Association annual meeting in Paris, and the first flight of the prototype, modified from the prototype ERJ-135, was on 27 June 2000. The public debut was at Farnborough International Air Show July 2000. Brazilian CTA and FAA certification was achieved in June and 26 July 2001 respectively, with the first delivery to American Eagle late July 2001.




ERJ-140ER: Standard version. Engineering designation EMB-135KE.
ERJ-140LR: Long-range version. Engineering designation EMB-135KL.

ERJ-140 - Capacity: 44 pax.









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