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The pressurised EMBRAER EMB-121 Xingu featured a reduced-span version of the EMB-110P wing, a fuselage of circular cross-section similar to that of the Brasilia, and followed the same general configuration with twin turboprop engines and retractable tricycle landing gear, but differed by having a cantilever T-tail.

The first pressurized twin-turboprop general -purpose transport to be built in Brazil, it had accommodation for a crew of two and nine passengers.

The prototype Xingu (PP-ZXI) flew for the first time on 10 October 1976, followed by the first production aircraft just over six months later.

The Xingu has PT6A-28 engines, six-psi pressurization, an anticipated cruise of 265 knots at 12,000 feet, a five- to nine-place cabin and max gross of 11,000 pounds.
The original version, designated EMB-121A Xingu I, was powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-28 turboprop engines. From this was developed the EMB-121A1 Xingu II with 559kW PT6A-135 turboprops, these being available also as retrofits for the Xingu I. Thirty-two earlier machines were later reworked to this standard.

A prototype of the EMB-121V Xingu III was flown. It was generally similar to its predecessors except that it had the fuselage lengthened by 0.89m, and was powered by two 634kW PT6A-42 engines. Seating the same number of passengers but in greater comfort, the Xingu III featured an optional 'club' layout for seven passengers, with folding tables and a galley.

A total of 111 were built, including six for use by the special transport group of the Brazilian air force under the designation VU-9 as a VIP transport. Other users include the French navy and air force with 41 aircraft as multi-engined trainers and liaison aircraft, and five others serve with the SABENA pilot training school.

Production of the Xingu 121 ended in 1986.

EMB-121A Xingu I
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada PT6A-28 turboprops, 507kW
Max take-off weight; 5670 kg / 12500 lb
Loaded weight; 3620 kg / 7981 lb
Wingspan; 14.45 m / 47 ft 5 in
Length; 12.25 m / 40 ft 2 in
Height; 4.74 m / 15 ft 7 in
Wing area; 27.5 sq.m / 296.01 sq ft
Max. speed; 450 km/h / 280 mph
Cruise speed; 365 km/h / 227 mph
Ceiling; 7925 m / 26000 ft
Range; 2270 km / 1411 miles

EMB-121 Xingu II
Engine: 2 x P&WAC PT6A.
Installed pwr: 1120 kW.
Span: 14.4 m.
Length: 12.2 m.
Wing area: 27.5 sq.m.
Empty wt: 3710 kg.
MTOW: 5670 kg.
Payload: 780 kg.
Cruise speed: 465 kph.
Initial ROC: 550 m / min.
Ceiling: 8540 m.
T/O run: 580 m.
Ldg run: 560 m.
Fuel internal: 1720 lt.
Range/payload: 1630 km with 780 kg.
Capacity: 7 pax.

EMB-121V Xingu III
Engine: 2 x 634kW PT6A-42
Length: 13.09 m.
Span: 14.4 m.
Wing area: 27.5 sq.m.
Capacity: 7 pax.




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